Multi-vitamins injection


Ascorbic acid 100mg, Vitamin A 3,300IU, Vitamin D 200IU, Thiamin HCl 3.81mg, Riboflavin sodium phosphate 3.6mg, Pyridoxine HCl 4.86mg, Nicotinamide 40mg, D-panthenol 15mg, Tocopherol acetate 10mg, Biotin 60㎍, Folic acid 400㎍, Cyanocobalamine 5㎍


  1. Vitamin maintenance therapy for patient supplied nutrition by infusion
  2. Prevention of vitamin deficient syndrome for following patient
    – Surgical operation, severe burn, fracture and other related traumatic patients
    – Severe biological infection, coma state

Dosage & Administration

Over 11 years children & Adult : Add 5ml of distilled water for injection to vial as a solvent.
Shake well to dissolve for a few seconds, after dissolving, take the solution and dilute with 500~1,000ml volume of 5% Glucose or Saline solution (or available solution).
Administer through I.V instillation 1 vial per day.

Drug Class
Vitamin Complex

multi vitamins injection